Who do you know, that would love more energy, weight loss, better sleep and to make a healthy lifestyle easy? 

Text a Few Friends

Ex. Hey _______  Any interest in doing a Nutrition System with me? It's not just any program-- It's based on Nobel Prize winning research. I'm ready to ______ (lose X pounds, get shredded, etc) and _______ (feel like myself again/get control of my health). I've seen so many before and afters & done all the research. It's the real deal. I’m super excited about it. My friend is coaching me, she's worked with loads of people and doesn't charge anything, all we do is pay for our products. Wanna do it with me?​​


If they're interested: Here's the link to check out... www.foreverteamlifestyle.com

If they'd love to start, ask their shake flavors and your Sponsor will send your friend a link to sign up!

If they have questions-- Introduce them to your sponsor via 3 way text, on the phone, or with FB Messenger.